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Active 3D Glasses voor TDG-BT400A Sony TV W800B W800C X950C X950D X940D Z9D

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  • Ref.: ECN10282_1
  • Active 3D Glasses voor TDG-BT400A Sony TV W800B W800C X950C X950D X940D Z9D
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Active 3D Glasses for TDG-BT400A Sony TV W800B W800C X950C X950D X940D Z9D


Product information
Product specifications: Active Shutter
Work signal Bluetooth
Compatible 3D HDTV Blu-ray players
Response Time 2.0ms
Frequency 120HZ
Contrast 750 : 1
Work time Approx.100 hours
Item size: 145*40*147MM
Environment temperature: 0 ~40

Replacement Active 3D Glasses
Active 3D Glasses for Sony 3D TV. Wireless 3D viewing allow you enjoy the realistic and vivid 3D images.
Keep your glasses on
A comfortable design means they can be worn over your day-to-day glasses
Light and relaxed
This 3D glasses is lightweight and well-designed so they're comfortable to wear during long movies
Included cleaning cloth, soft storing bag, battery and a user's manual.

Type: TDG-BT400A TDG-BT500A

Compatible Model
For Epson Bluetooth 3D Projector
Fit Modle :
For JVC Bluetooth models projector model
JVC DLA-XC3800,3880,XC5800,5880,XC6800,6880,XC7800,7880,XC9880,X35,X55,X75,X95(The transmitter is equipped with Bluetooth PK-EM2)

W800B series (50W800B 55W800B 60W800B)
W850B series (60W850B 70W850B)
X9000B series (55X9000B 65X9000B)
S9000B Series (65S9000B 75S9000B) Surface 4K
55X8500A Series W850A Series W950A Series W900A Series
KDL-55W950A 46W950A 55W900A 46W900A series
XBR-65X800B foreign models

FIT Sony 4K 3D projector :
Fit Samsung 2012-2015 3D TV:
UA65JU7800 UA55JU7800 UA78JU7800 65JS9900 55JS9800

New Year Series TV Series in 2014: UA75HU9800J UA65HU9800J UA65HU9800J UA65HU8500J UA65H6400J UA65H6400J UA75H7500J UA55H7500AJXXZ UA65H7500AJXXZ UA75H7500AJXXZ UA75H7500AJXXZ UA75H7500AJXXZ
UA32F6100 F9000 series F8500 series F6670 series, F6650 series F6740 series F6510 series F6500 series F7000 series use.

2013 Samsung 3D TV: F6100 F6400 F6800 F7500 F8000 F8200 series 3D TV can be used. Active Shutter 3D glasses (battery type) (Samsung D, E, ES, F series 3D TV Universal) UA55HU8500J UA65H6400AJ

2012 Samsung 3D TV: UA40EH6030 UA46EH6030 UA55EH6030UA55ES6100 UA40ES6100 UA46ES6100 UA55ES6100 UA46ES6700 UA55ES6700 UA55ES6800 UA55ES7000 UA46ES6800 UA46ES7000 UA55ES8000 UA46ES8000 UA65ES8000 other new E series 3D TV ES6600 ES8000 ES7500 ES6500 full range, E550 E490 E650 E8000 E6900 Series 3D plasma TV and just listed AA790 AA795 series.
2011 Samsung 3D TV: D6000 D6400 D6600D7000 D8000D490

Sharp new 3D TV
50S1A, LCD-50S1A, LCD-50MY60A, LC70LE747KN, LC80LE657KN, LC90LE757K
LX750A / 755/850 / S70, lcd-58u1A / 40u1A U1A Series 60LX765A Series DS60A DS70A DS80A UE20A MY80A DS72A UE30A Series 80/70 / 60UD30A (can be used with original AN-3DG50 glasses, AN-3DG40 glasses)

Sony new 3D TV models:
X8500A Series W850A Series W950A Series W900A Series
W800B series (50W800B 55W800B 60W800B)
W850B series (60W850B 70W850B)
X9000B series (55X9000B 65X9000B)
S9000 Series (65S9000B 75S9000B) Surface 4K
KDL-55W950A KDL-46W950A KDL-55W900A KDL-46W900A series

New Toshiba shutter 3D TV
46L1300C 46L1305C 46L3300C 55L3300C 48L3350C 46L5350C 46L1501C 46L1308C 50U7450C 65U7450C 55U8450C

2014 Panasonic 3D TV
TH-55AS650C Panasonic WT50C Series DT50C Series Panasonic PDP Plasma TV VT50C Series ST50C Series UT50C Series XT50C Series and other new TV

New TCL Bluetooth 3D TV
12 years after October produced 5390A series) V7300 (produced after November 2012) 5310A series, 5500A series. E353A, E5700A, E6700A series, ( inch F3500 series), pay attention to (42.39.32 inch F3500 series can not be used) (39,48 inch E4660 series), note (42 inch E4660 series can not be used) F3500A-3D ( Inch) Note (42.39.32 not available) LE46D530A-3D.E5390A-3D, V7600A-3D, E5500A-3D, E5590A-3D, E5690A-3D, F3600A-3D, L48A71, E5620A- 3D, F3511A-3D, E5610A-3D F3320 (40 inch) E4650 (39,48,55 inch) V7500A (46.55.65 inch)
V8500A (46.55.65 inch) Aiqi art L48A71L55A71C series of 3D TV.
TCL L48E4600AN-3D L46F3510AN-3D TV can also be used
2014 new love art TCL D55A261 (55 inch)
KONKA / Konka 3D TV
39 / 55K60U KKTV3D TV dedicated LED50R6600DU 3D Bluetooth glasses 3D shutter glasses (Konka 40X9600UF)

 Goedkoop Active 3D Glasses for TDG-BT400A Sony TV W800B W800C X950C X950D X940D Z9D